Charity Sign Ups

Raise up to 5 times more funds for your charity

Fashion for Change is the smartest way to increase the fundraising potential of luxury clothes and accessories donated to you either by members of the public or your celebrity supporters. Via your own personalised shop on the Fashion for Change website, you get to:

  • List luxury items donated to you quickly and easily
  • Sell the items for their true second-hand worth (up to 100% more than they’d be sold for in your shops)
  • Reach a wider group of fashion-hungry shoppers all over the world
  • Share desirable items with your supporters and donors more effectively
  • Hold online auctions for high-end celebrity pieces
  • Keep track of your sales and listings with an intuitive reporting dashboard
  • Show supporters and buyers how much they've raised and where their money is helping
  • Increase luxury items donated to your cause
No shop overheads
We don't take commission
Over 35,000 luxury buyers

A Stylish Example

A designer suit in a typical charity shop is likely to be sold for £20, of which as little as £4 (20%) is retained by the charity (as outlined by the Charity Retail Association)
In contrast, sell the same suit on Fashion for Change for £100 (its true worth second-hand), and you'll collect the full £100 to support your good work.

Don't risk a Beckham-style
fundraising disaster

Last year, when Victoria and David Beckham donated their clothes to the Red Cross, most of their clothes were sold for between £20 and £100. Some of those items were subsequently sold on auction for over £5,000! Tragically, the majority of those funds did not go to the Red Cross. Fashion for Change has been created deliberately to help charities avoid situations like this and do more good work via stylish wardrobes.

(Source: The Telegraph, 27th November, 2015)


Who’s behind Fashion for Change?

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Fashion for Change is by invitation only, though if you are interested in having an online charity shop you can request an invitation by clicking the button below. Your request will then be reviewed within 48 hours.

Your free trial lasts for a year. After which, you will be asked if you would like to continue and, if so, you will be requested to pay your annual fee of £120.00, which includes unlimited listings and no commissions on sale.

"I've been trying to figure out for years how to make the most out of my old designer clothes. Until now, it was either donating to a charity shop, which might raise £20 for a Ralph Lauren gown, or leaving in the hands of a consignment shop, which can't sell at proportionate prices and then takes 50 per cent off the top. Fashion For Change has been such a wonderful discovery. The perfect platform for exactly this situation. Everyone wins."Gillian Anderson
"I can't thank you enough for all the funds you have helped us raise. We raised over £900 with my brothers wardrobe, we all really do appreciate it!"Sarah Carter on behalf of St Ann’s Hospice
"It is so exciting that we have raised over £700 for Hestia with the sales from one woman’s every day wardrobe. Just shows what we can raise when we remove the barriers to luxury donations and make a real difference to a donors chosen cause."Isla D'Aubigny