Increasing clothes donations


What’s more we can increase the demand for charity clothing and reduce individual charity costs. The Charity Retail Association claims that in order to set up a charity shop you will need a start-up capital of £5,000-£50,000, to cover the rental deposit, shop fitting, essential building repairs and staff recruitment (note

that the average refit costs £10,000-£20,000). They also state that 60-80% of a charity shop’s income goes on rent, wages (minimum of a dedicated shop manager) and other overheads. In using our site a charity can reduce its costs, increase the amount of funds– its intended purpose. Our website can increase the turnover of charity stock by increasing sales and demand through its ever growing range of clothing and global audience.

“The charity I support don’t have a shop I can drop them off at”

 We enable clothes donations to be made to any registered charity or project. Simply complete a donation request online with us. 

“I am not sure where the money will go”

We will provide real time visibility in terms of how much has been raised as well as the ability to select a project within a charity (where available) with feedback of results.

By Isla D'Aubigny | Thursday 21 July 2016