Launch of clothes auction for your charity

Donated clothes can now be sold for maximum value and is the first service of its kind in the UK that specialises in luxury every day fashion. It has already been used by celebrities, including most recently Gillian Anderson who raised over £25,000 with her wardrobe clear-outs. Speaking about why she chose the service “I've been trying to figure out for years how to make the most of my old designer clothes. Until now, it was either donating to a charity shop, which might raise £20 for a Ralph Lauren gown, or leaving in the hands of a consignment shop, which can't sell at proportionate prices and then takes 50 per cent off the top. Fashion for Change has been such a wonderful discovery. The perfect platform for exactly this situation. Everyone wins.”


Here’s how donating works

  1. Fashionistas simply select the luxury clothes, shoes or accessories that they no longer wear (including high-end high street, designer and vintage)
  2. Fashion for Change collects and lists the items on the donor’s behalf
  3. Once the items have sold, Fashion for Change sends the items to the buyer(s)80% of the auction sale goes to the charity project of the donor’s choice.  
  4. At any point fashion lovers can see how much they’ve raised for their charity

How we raise up to 5 x more

  • We charge 20% of sale to cover our listing costs compared to retail charity shops whereby up to 80% of sale is needed to cover their overheads.
  • We specialise in the sale of quality clothes and accessories only and so we are able to acquire higher prices for donated items.
  • We reach a larger audience of customers by selling clothes online compared to retail charity shops.
  • We can increase the range of garments available to consumers by charities selling together.
  • As a Social Enterprise we are committed to utilising technology to continually improve the ease and efficiencies of recycling luxury clothes.

Isla D’Aubigny, Founder of Fashion for Change, says “Fashion for Change provides the perfect answer to busy women and men who love following latest luxury style – such as Gucci, YSL, Chanel, or Jimmy Choo – but who don’t want to ‘drop’ their garments at their local charity shop once they no longer wear them.”
Speaking about what inspired her to launch the service, Isla said “ We estimated that there are over 4 million luxury garments in wardrobes across the UK not being worn or donated. Through our consumer research we have understood that one of the main reasons for the lack of donation is due to concerns that high-end items will not be sold for their value, lack of donation visibility and lack of choice of charity.”

“What’s more we understand that up to 80% of sales in a charity shop overheads go towards their overhead costs and only a sample of charities have retail outlets, immediately limiting donor choice. I want to change this by making donating high-end clothing both easy and rewarding. By doing so we will increase the range and accessibility of second hand luxury clothing that often have many lifetimes available in their making.  Fashion lovers now have the opportunity to create the market and by doing so increase the accessibility of sustainable fashion and funds towards the social changes of their choice.”

By Isla D'Aubigny | Tuesday 23 January 2018