Fashion for Change is launching in India

We are excited to share with you some wonderful news. Fashion for Change will soon be expanding into India where we will be enabling Bollywood stars, sports personalities and high profile musicians to recycle their designer wardrobes and fashion items and auctioning them in support of specific social causes.

Our Indian operation will be lead by Parag Saikia and Tejprakash both of whom have a wealth of experience in philanthropy and providing support to local entrepreneurs. They will be expanding the auctioning of fashion garments to other items such music, sports equipment and motors to include donations from further brands.

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By Isla D'Aubigny | Thursday 17 May 2018

Launch of clothes auction for your charity

Luxury donated clothes can now be auctioned on a dedicated platform to raise maximum funds. Our collection service has already been used by celebrities, including most recently Gillian Anderson who raised over £25,000 with her wardrobe clear-outs. Speaking about why she chose the service “I've been trying to figure out for years how to make the most of my old designer clothes. Until now, it was either donating to a charity shop, which might raise £20 for a Ralph Lauren gown, or leaving in the hands of a consignment shop, which can't sell at proportionate prices and then takes 50 per cent off the top. Fashion for Change has been such a wonderful discovery. The perfect platform for exactly this situation. Everyone wins.”

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By Isla D'Aubigny | Tuesday 23 January 2018

Fundraising at the drop of a hat, coat or little black dress

Donating clothes to support charity is nothing new – but what happens when a person’s wardrobe is stocked with luxury clothes that cost hundreds, even thousands, of pounds per item and have hardly ever been worn?

Our online charity boutique, offers a new way to donate and buy luxury clothes by enabling donors to choose the charity or project that they support, see what they have raised and the impact they have made.

Currently, we are the only UK website that allows fashion-conscious and environmentally-concerned consumers to browse all high-end charity clothing in one place with the ability to filter by their chosen charity. As a Social Enterprise our impact goal is to dramatically increase the amounts of luxury garments donated to charities by removing the key barriers to donating
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Thursday 2 March 2017

How did you come up with the concept? Interview with Huffington Post

I have always loved fashion and yet have no time to go shopping, so I always shop online. Currently, there is no online charity shop where I can purchase good quality second hand clothes all in one place. I am also frustrated by the general cumbersome nature of clothes recycling. The general process in my home is that I bundle up a bag (normally a few bin bags) of items we no longer wear and place them in my car where they sit for weeks. So, I leave it another month and so on. What’s more, when I finally drop them off my items will be going to the charity which more convenient and is closest to my car, as opposed to the cause I want to support. I am not proud of this, but I suspect I am not alone.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Thursday 15 September 2016

Increasing clothes donations

The average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes – but around 30% of these clothes have not been worn for over a year, most commonly because it no longer fits. So here at Fashion for Change we are looking to remove the barriers to quality clothing donations such as: “My exquisite designer clothes will be sold cheap if I donate them to charity and therefore their value wasted”.

A designer suit in a typical charity shop is likely to be sold for £20, of which as little as £4 (20%) is retained by the charity (as outlined by the Charity Retail Association). In contrast, sell the same suit on Fashion for Change for £100 (its true worth second-hand), and you charity will collect the full £100 to support your good work.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Thursday 21 July 2016

The need for change in the fashion industry

There appears to be a growing awareness of the impact that the fashion industry has on our environment and it is unsustainable. An interesting documentary has just been released called 'The True Cost', which reveals the impacts of fashion consumption - fashion is the worlds second biggest polluting industry, second only to oil. What’s more we now have ‘Fashion Revolution Day’ on the 24th April each year to bring people together from throughout the world to challenge the current industry wide system and “demand that fashion becomes a force for good”. Whilst celebrities are also joining the revolution through 'The Green Carpet Challenge (GCC)' initiated by Livia Firth, the objective being to raise the profile of sustainable style.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Wednesday 23 September 2015

Unique online boutique for fashion lovers with soul - press release

Isla D’Aubigny, Style Director of the, is launching an online recycling service that enables fashion lovers to raise money for charity through the luxury clothes hanging in their wardrobe.Fashion for Change is set to be the first fashion-to-fundraising boutique of its kind in the UK and has already received significant praise from A-listers, including Gillian Anderson, Kate Winslet and Madonna, who have trialed a similar service under the
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Friday 11 September 2015

Why donate with us

Donating second hand clothes to support charity is nothing new – but what happens when a person’s wardrobe is stocked with designer clothes that cost hundreds, even thousands, of pounds per item and have hardly ever been worn? Our research shows that if a person wants to raise considerable funds from their Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent or Dolce and Gabbana items, they don’t drop them at their local charity shop. Why? Worries that items might not sell because they're too niche; concerns that the money raised would be used running the shop rather than help people in need[1], as well as anxieties that, if the clothes do sell, it would be for significantly less than their worth – and the charity would not benefit as much as it could.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Friday 6 March 2015

Who we've helped

We just received an encouraging message from the team at SA-YES charity who have completed their online charity clothes sale from our celebrity Gillian Anderson.
"I wanted to thank you for all your help with the sale. Without the Clothes Agency it wouldn't have happened and we would not have raised £15,600 for SA-YES and other charities close to Gillian's heart. Over £13,000 of this amount was raised through your site. So Thank You, I can't recommend your site highly enough to people."
Thank you SA-YES and wish you all the best with your important charity work offering support and guidance to marginalised young people leaving residential care in South Africa.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Wednesday 18 February 2015

How second-hand designer clothes are protecting the rights of girls and women

Today marks the start of an exciting partnership between the UK’s leading second-hand designer clothes recycling website and Catapult: the crowd-sourcing charity that funds projects around the world championing positive change for girls and women. Thanks to this new alliance, fashion-lovers can now sell the luxury clothes they no longer wear and select a Catapult project they’d like their profits to help fund.
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By Isla D'Aubigny | Sunday 1 February 2015